Beat The Desk

Beat The Desk

Session Overview

Our two hour 'Beat The Desk' Session is designed for all who feel they sit for too long and would like strategies to combat the negative effects of prolonged sitting.

The session will be led by Kerrie-Anne and will cover:

  • Postural Review with individual cues on correction
  • A standing work class using the Fletcher Towel (R) focusing on posture, opening up the chest, releasing the shoulders and strengthening the arms
  • Take home exercises to counteract your work posture during the day
  • Summarised notes via email as a handy synopsis of the session
Beat The Desk

Can't See What You Are Looking For?

We always aim to deliver a service to suit the needs of our clients so, if you would like to see a workshop run that isn't currently scheduled get in contact and let us know.

What's The Problem With Sitting?

Research tells us that adults, on average, spend more than half their waking hours in sedentary activities; primarily prolonged sitting. (Owen et al 2009)

Our sitting posture is, on average, 24 degrees more flexed in the lumbar spine (lower back) and 12 degrees more flexed at the thoracolumbar junction (where the mid back meets the lower back) than when in standing. (Claus et al. 2016)

Prolonged sitting is associated with the development of  low back disorders. (McGill 2007)

Tackling the amount of time we sit is now a key priority for the NHS.

Session Detail

Date: TBC

Time: 15:15 - 17:15 (Two Hours)

Investment: £35

Equipment: Provided

Booking: Online / Within the All Things Pilates App


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