Starting from £32.50 per person.

Our teacher will guide you and a friend, family member or new Pilates buddy through individualised programs tailored to each of your needs. It's a great way to help stay motivated, share the fun and also lowering the cost of a individual Pilates sessions.

Studio Classes

Starting from £30.

Studio classes have a maximum of three clients and are delivered by one of our Clinical Pilates team who are qualified Chartered Physiotherapists.

Programmes are tailored to your individual needs, wants and goals and will incorporate exercises on all studio equipment.

These classes are suitable for all ages, abilities and particularly beneficial for those with specific health or performance goals.

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Reformer Classes

Starting from £26.

These classes have a maximum of four people and are carried out on a device that is able to both assist, through the use of springs and pullies, and later challenge you as your strenght and control improves.

It is currently gaining a lot more publicity as celebrities and athletes highlight the body sculpting and well-being benefits

Clients report immediately after their reformer classes an increased mental focus, improved flexibility and tone, and a sense of feeling taller

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Mat Classes

Starting from £13.50.

Our mat classes are different to most…Our teachers are highly trained and possess an innate enthusiasm for Pilates. This enables them to deliver a focused structure to the class, in a creative manner, giving guaranteed physical benefits such as improved core strength and flexibility. Due to our intimate class sizes we are able to incorporate our clients’ goals into each and every session.

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