New Find Your Flow® programs for Online and Reformer Plus classes!


Now that the days are longer and warmer, we’re finding lots more to do outside.  Whether it’s gardening, cycling, ambling along the river or whatever else lights you up, we hope that you’re able to enjoy it.  If you find that you’d like to stretch out tight muscles at the end of the day, from extra activities, or because you’re stuck at your desk all day –  we can help!

We now have evening classes from Monday to Thursday:
Mondays – Online Class at 6pm
Tuesdays – Reformer Plus Classes at 6pm and 7pm
Wednesdays – Mat Class in the Studio at 6pm
Thursdays – Reformer Plus Class at 7pm.
What better way to ease out the stresses and strains of the day!  You can reserve your place below.

We have also started new Find Your Flow® programs for our Online and Reformer Plus classes – read on to find out what’s in store!

If you haven’t been able to get to a class since the start of the pandemic, don’t forget to check whether you have any credits in your account.  We carried over all of the credits you had back in March 2020, but they will expire at the end of the year.  To check your credits, go to our booking site, select ‘Redeem Credit or Gift Certificate‘ and type in your email address.  Any remaining credits will be shown.

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you in the studio or online soon!

New Find Your Flow® Programs for Online and Reformer Plus Classes!

Online Classes
Our NEW Online class on Mondays at 6pm is up and running – and already proving popular!  The class is suitable for all levels of ability and will be delving deeper into some of the intermediate level movements and flows.  You can book your place below.

PLEASE NOTE:  The class on Mondays has a different login link to our usual login details.  Please check your booking confirmation and reminder emails for the links to each class.

We have now moved onto our new Find Your Flow® programs.  They’ll run until the end of June.  You’ll still get a fully body workout and can work at your own pace, but there’ll be a particular focus on a movement which we’ll build upon during the six-week program.

On Wednesdays it’s Roll-Up; and
on Fridays it’s the Squat.

Follow the links to read more about each program and the Find Your Flow® method.

Reformer Plus Classes
Now that the days are longer, why not end your day with a Reformer Plus Class.  We have classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as well as our regular day-time and Saturday morning classes.

The new focus for our Reformer Plus classes will be Scooter and Teaser.  You can work at your own pace and build up the movements over the course of the six weeks and you’ll still get a fully body workout.

The Scooter is a wonderful exercise to improve stability in our knees and pelvis, as well as for strengthening our glutes.

The Teaser – which can also be performed on the mat – is a super full body exercise, which improves mobility at every level of our spinesstrengthens deep core muscles and frees up tension in our hips and shoulders.

Reserve your place in our Online or in studio classes below.

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All Things Pilates Community Corner!

This week on Instagram Gemma is demonstrating ‘Pulling ropes with spine extension’. 

This is a full body movement, from tips of toes to crown of the head!  It’s great for strengthening the thoracic spine, as well as improving shoulder mobility and arm strength.

Take a look here  – and if you like, send us a video or photo of your pulling ropes or spine extensions – we’d love to see how you’re getting on with it!

You don’t have to start with the full movement but you can build up to it over time.  You may also notice that it’s not unlike Dart on the mat.  If you’d like to try Dart but are not sure how, have a word with your teacher.

Those of you who have tried the Reformer will know that the straps can be used for a number of movements, both to support and challenge movement, depending on the exercise and the weight of the springs.

If you’d like to experience the Reformer, currently, we have an amazing Introductory Offer (for new clients only) of a one hour 1:1 session AND a Reformer Plus class for only £60.  You can access the offer here.  Don’t delay – this offer won’t be around forever!

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Stay safe, stay well and enjoy your time at All Things Pilates!

Gemma and the All Things Pilates team