Reformer & Mixed Equipment Classes

reformer classesReformer Classes

This class utilises our Reformers:

A device that is able to both assist, through the use of springs and pullies, and challenge where appropriate
It is currently gaining a lot more publicity as celebrities and athletes highlight the body sculpting and well-being benefits
Clients report immediately after their reformer classes an increased mental focus, improved flexibility and tone, and a sense of feeling taller

 EquipmentMixed Equipment Classes

This class incorporates all the equipment within our studio including:

Reformers: a device that is assistive, through the use of springs and pullies, and challenging where appropriate
Pilates Chair: a sturdy box which has one large pedal which can be pressed, pushed or leaned on. A favourite at the study for correcting left to right in-balances within the body
Ladder Barrel: a broad arch shaped stand that has an emphasis on strengthening, chest opening and postural tone
Spine Corrector: an arc shaped seat which is used for increasing flexibility and strength of the spine and core