Eileen Chong

We have brought a bright sunbeam all the way from Perth in the form of our teacher Eileen. She is a qualified physiotherapist who grew up and trained in Australia. It is her passion for martial arts, acro yoga and helping people to get back to their happiest life that has lead her to Pilates.

She was first introduced to Pilates for rehabilitation while she was a physio student, working as a Physiotherapist assistant at a Stroke Rehabilitation Hospital in Perth. Pilates was such a great foundation for early rehabilitation for stroke patients gaining the strength and control to learn how to walk again, and it has proven to also be a great tool to have in rehabilitation of lower back pain, as well as neck pain, shoulder, hip and knee pain.

At her last role in Perth, Australia, Eileen was the Clinical Services Coordinator at a private practice clinic, also taking up to 15 classes a week of semi-private pilates classes with her clientele ranging from elite athletes, to pre or post surgical patients, or the older adult staying active, strong and mobile.

She is experienced in working with clients who are experiencing pain or injury and focus’s on using Pilates as a way of teaching people how to move their body and spine to explore new movement patterns that may provide pain relief and challenge the body!

Eileen will be here for 2 years on the working visa, to travel around and explore London and the rest of Europe, but at the same time to learn from her colleagues here and to continue to develop her skills as a physiotherapist.

In her spare time, Eileen loves travelling alongside chasing sunshine and beautiful sunsets. As well as physiotherapy, she also loves exploring different types of food, restaurants and cafes. Eileen likes to try different forms of exercise to expand her movement vocabulary, from martial arts and high intensity training, to Trapeze, Aerial yoga, and her absolute favourite- Acroyoga!

Eileen will be splitting her time between All Things Pilates and our sister company All Things Physio.

See Eileen’s available appointments below:

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