Sophie Rand

Sophie is exceptionally kind and also committed to her training and personal development and has a real drive to help clients to improve their Pilates practice.

She instantly fell in love with Pilates in 2006, which led her to begin studying biomechanics, anatomy and physiology. Six months later Sophie passed her first Pilates instructor exam and began teaching. Five years later she travelled to Toronto, Canada and completed her level 2 advanced training and ISP (Injuries & Special Populations) training.

Through her teaching, she consolidated her knowledge of human movement and effective methods for helping people achieve their movement goals. Following this, she went on to further her knowledge by studying traditional Hatha Yoga with the British Wheel of Yoga. Alongside Pilates, Sophie also now teaches restorative yoga, pregnancy yoga, athletic conditioning classes as well as meditation.

Since then, her passion for health & wellbeing has led her to travel across the globe seeking for teachers to nourish her further. With over a thousand hours of training and zeal for sharing the gems of knowledge of the body and mind with her students, Sophie’s teaching reflects her diverse in-depth studies, broad influences and passionate heart.

Sophie’s classes inspire, uplift and provoke curiosity. So, prepare to be kept on your toes as you explore mobility, flexibility and strength. Every class and exercise has a rationale in the context of each sequence, so feel free to ask Sophie ‘why?’. Her multi-level inclusive classes embrace and honour each student’s needs. Her holistic, full-spectrum classes incorporate long holds yet dynamic movements focusing on integrity in the body, anatomical precision, breath work and mindfulness to address mind, body & heart. Her classes are non-dogmatic and non-competitive, encouraging an open heart and a quiet mind.