Susi Owusu

Susi’s journey to becoming a Pilates teacher started when she was looking to get fit before 40!

She tried many different forms of exercise with the aim of landing on something that would keep her healthy, fit and functional into retirement and beyond (you could say that she is forward thinking!).  Out of all the exercise practices she tried – yoga, tai chi, Pilates, boxing, swimming, TRX, weight training etc – she noticed that Pilates made everything else better.  So much so, that she made the decision to train as a teacher.

Susi completed over 400 hours of training, teaching and observation with Alan Herdman on his year long course.  This course specifically focused on ‘The Why’ in your training and uses Studio and Mat Pilates to help people to build functional strength and stability in a way that is meaningful to them.

Since qualifying she has been working alongside Physiotherapists offering rehabilitation and classes specifically tailored to groups such as runners and those recovering from injury.

As a keen swimmer, she has particularly enjoyed working with those with shoulder or low back problems related to their sports or hobbies.

In terms of other areas of interest, she has also been working with clients who have scoliosis, Trendelburg, hip replacement, knee injury, spine degeneration, osteopenia, stroke, generalised lumbar issues to name a few. And while she really enjoys the functional movement focus and teaching in smaller studio environments, she also enjoys teaching dynamic classes both in 1:1 and group settings.