What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is recognised as a safe and effective way of helping people restore normal movement and function through manual therapy, exercise, education and advice. It plays a key role in getting people back to sport and their normal activities as well as helping to reduce the risk of the problem recurring.

At your physiotherapy appointment a detailed history of your problem will be taken followed by a thorough physical examination evaluating your strength, range of movement and function. Following your assessment, an individual treatment plan will be tailored to your requirements based on up to date research and the clients goals and personal preferences.

With the close working relationship between All Things Physio and the studio it means that, with your permission, any specific recommendations from your physiotherapist can be incorporated into your Pilates to help speed up your recovery. A multi- disciplinary approach to recovering from injuries has been clinically proven to reduce the recovery time and lead to better long term outcomes.

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What can it help with?

Back and neck pain

Referred pain

Sport injuries

Arthritic conditions

Joint sprains

Muscular strains


Pre and post-surgery rehabilitation

Repetitive strain injuries


Physiotherapy in Kingston Cost
First appointment £60
Follow up 30 minutes £45
Follow up 45 minutes £50
Follow up 60 minutes £70

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