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Our Values

Supporting growth in our community, in our team and in ourselves

In our community: linking with local businesses and organisations to support local community projects and initiatives.

In our team: As a team we support each other in our continued professional and personal development through regular exercise share sessions, training sessions and exchanging of our own personal talents. At our regular staff meetings we cover updates in the world of Pilates, performance and rehabilitation as well as feeding back from courses that we have attended. This is a key element in ensuring that we have the broad skills and knowledge required to help our clients get the most from their Pilates program.

In ourselves: as individuals we focus regular reflection and goal setting in order to develop the best versions of ourselves.

Our focus on health feeds directly into our focus on excellence.

We work to ensure that every time anyone attends All Things Pilates that they have a session that is tailored to their needs, wants and goals. Each session is designed to create the right level of challenge for them on that day, helping them leave the studio more empowered and energised to take on the opportunities and challenges on offer to them each day.