Studio Sessions April – May

From the 12th of April, the studio is allowed to have groups of people attending to use the space. Whilst we cannot lead the group as a whole, we will be present to assist each person through their own studio program. For those of you who have attended studio sessions with Eileen or Gemma in the past, you will be familiar with how this runs. For those of you who are new to this format we are excited to help you find your groove with it.

How is this going to work?

  • You will book in to your ”Studio Session” via the All Things Pilates Web App or through the classes section on our website. Slots will be 50minutes with 10 minutes cleaning and change over time. There will be 4 bookable places per studio session.
  • There will be a universal program viewable on our website for you to follow and progress with each week. This will also be available in the studio. Depending on your needs, wants and goals, the teacher may offer some individualised tweaks for this program.
  • A teacher will be present in each studio session to answer questions and guide you through movements but they will not direct the whole class.
  • We will still be maintaining social distancing so please stay in your allocated area and clean all equipment thoroughly at the end of the session. We recommend you bring a personal Pilates/Yoga Mat for floor based exercises as the floor cannot be cleaned between every session.


1. I don’t know how to do the movements on my own, how will I make the most of a full 50minutes?

Our teachers are expert at helping you find movements that are familiar to your body and building from there. We will be considering all those attending the studio when we draw up our programs and we will have tweaks ready to offer you so that you can work on what is best for you on the day.

2. I love spending time on feet in straps. Can I spend the whole session doing that?

Yes you definitely can. We may also do our best to tempt you into a more varied program but it is your studio session and so you can use this opportunity to play with what works for you.

3. Can I choose what equipment that I get to use for the session?

Yes you can. There will be a reformer in each pod along with at least one other piece of studio equipment. You can request what you want to use by emailing or you can mention it to your teacher when you attend the studio.

4. Can I do the same program as other people in the studio.

Yes you can choose what you program you do when you are in the studio. You can also do some of your own exercises and then some which are the same as someone else in the studio.

5. When will there be classes with everyone doing the same thing?

Currently, we run classes like this online. These are set to continue for the foreseeable. In the studio we will be allowed to run classes like this sometime after May 17th.