What’s on this week: 10 – 15 April


  Happy Easter!
What’s on this week: 10 – 15 April

Dear <<First Name>>,

Happy Easter everyone!  Whether you’re staying at home, or taking a break away with family and friends, we hope you’re having a wonderful time – and that the gorgeous weather we’ve been enjoying this week holds for at least a few more days!

The studio will be closed on Monday 10 April, while we all enjoy the Bank Holiday, but we’ll be open as usual on Tuesday 11 April.  We have places in our Reformer Plus classes at:

There are also places in our Online Class on Wednesday 12 April  at 7.30am.  Why not take advantage of the lighter mornings to get your day off to a great start!

We’d love to see you there – you can book your place below!

It has been wonderful to feel the warmth of the sun this week and to see everything coming alive again!  The blossom around the parks and in gardens looks glorious and it it’s great to see leaves starting to appear on the trees – Summer is definitely on the way!

As we begin to spend more time outdoors, whether tending the garden, walking, cycling, swimming, or perhaps playing tennis or golf, we may want to think about our mobility and flexibility.  We hope you’ll find that your regular Pilates practice has helped you maintain – or improve – your mobility and strength during the winter months, so that you’re ready to enjoy whatever lights you up in the summer!

We’ll be starting our new Find Your Flow® program this week – more about that next week.  In the meantime,  take a look at Community Corner below for a look back at what we’ve been doing over the last few weeks.  We’d like to invite you to take a moment to reflect on your own progress over the course of the program – and to give yourself a big pat on the back!  We are thrilled to hear so many of you comment on how much easier (or at least less-challenging!) the program feels.  We’ve also noticed that many of you have been increasing the load of the springs to challenge yourselves further – a real testament to the hard work you’ve put in – congratulations and well-done everyone!

Have a great week and we look forward to seeing you in the studio or online soon!

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All Things Pilates Community Corner!

As we’ve come to the end of our current Find Your Flow® program, we thought it may be helpful to recap on what we’ve been doing – and why.

We called this program ‘Kneeling Arms’ as that was the climax of the program.  However, as we went through the program, we suspect that, like us, you may have found the name to be a little misleading!

In fact, the main focus of the program was about opening up our hips – so that by the time we reached the challenge of high kneelingour hips, thighs and core muscles were sufficiently flexible and strong to enable us to meet the challenge!

But don’t get us wrong – we know (and hope you felt!) that you were getting a fully body workout – adding springs to increase the load as you became stronger!

Our ‘warm up’ exercises of standing thigh stretches and lunges, the Mermaid/Z-sit rotations and Bridging helped us begin to open our hips and strengthen supporting muscles in the legs and core.  We also improved the stability of our standing leg as we learned that, to get the most from the exercises, both legs had to work equally hard!

The work on the short box was a carry across of ‘Climb a Tree‘ from our previous program.  We carried this movement across partly because so many of you were making amazing progress in that movement, but also because much of its focus is on opening the hip and reaching into the back of the thigh of the long supporting leg.  This movement also helps to strengthen the core – which you all found to be so important in maintaining good alignment the tall kneeling.  So, it was a perfect fit in the Kneeling Arms program!

We know that there are some positions that not everyone can get into.  The fact that we perform variations of the same movements over a period of six weeks or so means that we are much better able to plan ahead to offer alternatives that will challenge and help you achieve the same benefits.  If, for whatever reason, you are unable to be in a particular position, please let us know, so that we can offer you an alternative!

We have been thrilled to have your feedback about how much you’re enjoying the themed programs and the methodology behind them.  But even more importantly, we are delighted to see how much stronger everyone has become and how great your posture is – well done and congratulations from all of us to each of you!

If you’d like to experience our Find Your Flow® themed programs, book your place in one of our Reformer Plus classes – see the timetable and book your below.

If you’re new to Pilates, you can experience the Reformer in our Reformer Fundamentals Class on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm – we’d love to see you!  Reserve your place below.

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Class Timetable: April

NB.  We will be closed on Monday 10 April
Best Wishes,

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