What’s on this week: 20 – 25 November


What’s on this week: 20 – 25 November

Mountain Climbing!
Dear <<First Name>>,

We are thrilled that you’re all enjoying the new Front Splits Program – we are really enjoying sharing it with you.  One of the highlights of the Program is the Mountain Climber – it’s amazing what you can do on a Reformer!    It’s a full body exercise that also gets your heart pumping – and you can practise the exercise at home.  Read more about this fabulous exercise in Community Corner below.

As we’re now rushing headlong towards the festive season, we thought we’d mention our Gift Certificates.  They’re such an original gift and for some recipients, they have proved to be a first step towards regular Pilates classes.  You can buy your gift certificate below – and you’ll see that during the month of November, you’ll also get a FREE All Things Pilates Keep-Cup.

Have a wonderful week and we look forward to seeing you in the studio or online.

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Gift Certificates

At Christmas time many of us are considering health and wellbeing.  So why not consider the gift of a healthy spine!  Our gift certificates can be purchased for any value and can be used in payment for any of our services – whether 1:1 sessionsduet (2:1) sessions or classes.

We tend to see quite a lot of duet sessions after Christmas, with friends and family supporting each other in achieving their health goals in a new year.  It’s always a real boost to have a cheer squad helping you reach your goals – and even better if they’re in the Studio working with you!

If you’re new to the Studio you can take advantage of any of our introductory offers:
2 x 1:1 sessions for only £99;
2 x 2:1 (duet) sessions for £118.50 – that’s less than £40 per person per session
1 x 1:1 and 1 Reformer Class for £60 – that’s cheaper than 2 single reformer classes!

You can buy your Gift Certificate (for any value) below.

For the month of November, while stocks last, when you buy a Gift Certificate you can pick up from the Studio a  FREE All Things Pilates Keep-Cup!

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All Things Pilates Community Corner!

We’re so pleased to have such positive feedback about our Front Splits Program – thank you! 

As well as improving overall strength and flexibility, when designing the Front Splits Program, we wanted also to focus on balance, stamina and heart rate.  We’re thrilled to hear from you that we are hitting the mark on all three!

We’ve introduced the Mountain Climber in this program.  It’s a great whole body movement and helps strengthen muscle groups in your arms, shoulders, back, core and legs.  We’re also working on hip extension and flexion.  Practising Mountain Climber on the Reformer – a moving platform – also helps improve our proprioception (the body’s ability to sense movement, action and location).

As most of your have already discovered, Mountain climber also helps us work on our stamina and increases our heart rate!

You’ll have noticed that in an exercise such as Mountain Climber, we focus on a recovery period in between sets.  That’s really important to help you complete the next set of repetitions with good form.  It can be tempting to perform maximum repetitions (for example, we might achieve 10 reps of an exercise) but then struggle to complete a second set.  However, if we were to stop at 40 seconds, then recover for 40 seconds, we’re more likely to be able to complete another 40 seconds with good form – even on to a third or fourth set.  There’s also research to suggest that resting between sets can also help our muscle growth.

So, although many of us find Mountain Climber challenging, it’s certainly one of those exercises that offers a great bang for the buck – and the sense of achievement is a real mood-booster!

Of course, we don’t throw anyone straight into a set of Mountain Climbers!  As with all of our Find Your Flow® Programs, we include a range of warm-up exercisestargeting key muscle groups, so that by the time we get to Mountain Climber we’re ready to flow!

You can also practise the mountain climber on the mat, against a chair (as long as it can’t slip away!) or against a wall. You’ll find increased challenge the lower to the floor you practise.   If you’d like to practise at home, but aren’t quite sure howhave a word with your teacher – they’d be delighted to show you.

If you’d like to experience the challenge and fun of the Front Splits Programbook your place in one of our classes below – we’d love to share it with you.

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Class Timetable: November

Best Wishes,

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