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To welcome Arion to All Things Pilates, we have a special offer of 30% discount on 1:1 Clinical Pilates – see below for full details.

We’re going into the final week of our Down Stretch program this week.  We’ll start segueing into our new Grasshopper program this week and next.  We’re excited to share the Grasshopper Program with you over coming weeks.  Meanwhile, this week in Community Cornerwe’ll be recapping on what we’ve been up to in the Down Stretch program and the benefits it has brought to our bodies!

We’re offering a full timetable of classes again this week.  As the holidays are in full swing, some classes are busier than usual, while others are quieter, particularly at lunch times (Mondays and Tuesdays at 12.30pm) and on Friday mornings at 9am and 10am.

Take a look at our full class timetable and reserve your place below.

If you’re about to take a break, a reminder that five session packages are valid for 42 days and ten session packages are valid for 84 days. You can cancel and reschedule any of your sessions through the link in your confirmation email, or if you need any help managing your sessions please don’t hesitate to email or call.

Weekly practice is so important to reap the benefits of the Find Your Flow® Program.  If you’re going to be away, why not consider booking two classes the week before you go, or on your return – it will help your body prepare for, or perhaps recover from, your holiday (and ensure that you don’t lose any credits)!

If you’re heading off on holiday, but want to keep up your Pilates practice, take a look at our YouTube channel for some ideas.  It’s a great way to keep mobile if you need a break from lying on the beach, or to ease our tired muscles after a busy day of sightseeing!

If you’re about to go on your holidays, we wish you safe travels and a wonderfully restorative break.  If you’re not taking a break just yet, we hope you have a wonderful week and we look forward to seeing you in the studio or online!

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Welcome Arion – Special Offer!

As some of you know, Arion joined us in June and brings a wealth of experience.  He qualified as a Physiotherapist in Brazil in 2010, to which he added a comprehensive Pilates qualification in 2015.  He worked extensively in health and care settings in Brazil, prior to moving to England in 2021.  He is now working towards registering his Brazilian physiotherapy qualification in the UK.

Since moving to the UK, Arion has been teaching 1:1 Pilates and Reformer Classes in a variety of settings.  He enjoys bringing a sense of playfulness to Pilates practice, while challenging clients to get the best from their practice.

Arion has some availability for 1:1 sessions on Wednesdays between 8.45am and 3pm.  To welcome Arion to the studio, we have an amazing one-time offer for up to FOUR lucky clients who’d like to try 1:1 Pilates.

The first four clients to take up the offer can enjoy a 30% discount on a FIVE session package of 1:1 Pilates (a saving of nearly £100 on the usual price!)  You must be available between 8.45am and 3pm on Wednesdays (on a first come first served basis).  The package is valid for 42 days.

You can buy your package here using the code: ARION30 to qualify for the discount – but don’t delay, it’s strictly limited to the first four clients who take up the offer.

Once you’ve bought your package, you can book your sessions  – with Arion only – here.

All Things Pilates Community Corner!

We’re now heading into the final week of our Down Stretch Find Your Flow® Program.  We thought it might be helpful to re-cap on the program and the benefits we hope you’re feeling in your bodies.  We are certainly seeing them in your movement!

As with every Find Your Flow® Program, we’ve enjoyed a full body workout.  In the Down Stretch Program we included some aerobic exercise in the form of Jumping and Reformer Lunge Hops and Curtsies.  As well as raising our heart rates, it was wonderful to see how much these fun movements raised our spirits.  Over the course of the Program, we saw one or two grimaces turn into broad smiles as we learned to ‘flow’ through our jumps and hops!

The main intention of the Down Stretch Program was to improve our shoulder and hip mobility and stabilitythrough lengthening and strengthening supporting muscle groups.  The secondary intention was to lengthen and strengthen core muscle groups (muscles in our torso that support the spine and organs – and keep us upright).

To find our Down Stretch, we spent time strengthening our leg muscles, particularly our hamstrings  (back of the thigh) and glutes.  We warmed up with Jumping before working on our Lunges – a great way to work into leg muscles.  Many of you told us that you’d felt muscle soreness the next day – which tends to happen if we use muscles that we’re not used to using in that way!  But did you notice, over the course of the Program, how that ‘day after’ soreness diminished and disappeared as our muscles got used to working in that way?

The Down Stretch also requires us to find good range of movement in our shoulders.  To help us find this range, we worked on freeing up and strengthening the shoulders and the arms.  We warmed up with our Chest Lift (in later weeks, combining this with Jumping) and our Supine Arms work (in later weeks, combining this with core strengthening work).  The work on Pulling Ropes and Extension on the Reformer Frame enabled us to combine work on shoulder mobility and stability, with lengthening the front of our bodies.

As well as working on hip and shoulder mobility and stability, in the Down Stretch program, we were also working on lengthening and strengthening core muscles.  We worked hard on our Side Sit Up to find length and greater mobility in the sides of our body.  This movement also helped us open our hips.

When we reached the Down Stretch movement, we put all of this work together.  We were able to keep our hips open and find connection and length from our toes through to the crown of our head.  For added challenge and benefit – and for fun! – once we found the movement, we added rotation through our ribs.

Some of you will have noticed that, with some movements, instead of setting a number of repetitions, we set a timer.  We do this to enable you to work at your own pace, taking breaks as needed.  Some days we may be focused on achieving maximum repetitions, while on other days, our bodies may be inviting us to hold a particular stretch and breathe into it, to ease out tensions and knots!   We have been delighted to have your feedback on the use of timers – and would be thrilled to hear more of your views!

It has been rewarding and inspiring to hear how much stronger and confident you feel in each of the movements.  You have been able to move from lighter to heavier springs – and sometimes vice versa – to increase the challenge.  You have increased the number of repetitions, you have jumped/hopped higher and your balance and stability have improved (notice how you can now perform lunges/curtsies with no, or only fingertip, support).

We love watching you walk out of the Studio full of energylooking taller, stronger and more confident in your body.  It’s all testament to your hard work and willingness to try – thank you!

Next week, we’ll be revealing more about the new Grasshopper Program – it’s great fun – we can’t wait to share it with you!

If you’d like to experience the joy and challenge of our Find Your Flow® Programs – book your place below!

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