What’s on this week: 14 – 19 November


  What’s on this week: 14 – 19 November
Au Revoir Ciara!

Dear <<First Name>>,

As the nights draw in, it’s easy to forego exercise in the evenings, preferring to curl up on the sofa instead.  Unfortunately, that can lead to all sorts of problems with our bodies – back pain, neck and shoulder pain, poor posture etc!

But we can help!  We offer evening classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings – and if there’s a demand, we’ll also open classes on Thursday evenings.

Our evening classes have a unique energy.  It’s wonderful to see clients, relaxed at the end of the day, releasing any built up tensions in their body and leaving the studio stronger and longer!

On Mondays at 6.30pm, we have an online class.
On Tuesdays at 6pm and 7pm, we have Reformer Plus classes.
On Wednesdays at 7.30pm, we have a Reformer Fundamentals class.

All of our classes are suitable for any level of ability.  Our teachers are expert at offering different levels of challenge, so that you can work at the level that’s right for your body that day.

The Reformer Fundamentals class is great for anyone new to Reformer Pilatesor for those wishing to reconnect with Pilates principles.

Want to join in?  Reserve your place below.

Have a great week and we look forward to seeing you in the studio or online soon!

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Au Revoir Ciara!

With very heavy hearts, we are saying Au Revoir to Ciara – we can’t bear to say Goodbye!

Ciara was our resident Olympic athlete, Physiotherapist, Researcher – and now Lecturer.  We are thrilled that Ciara is taking up a post as a Lecturer in Sports Psychology, but sadly, it means that she can no longer commit to working in the studio.

We know that you’d like to join us in thanking Ciara for helping us reach our health goals and to wish her all the very best in her new career.

We hope that she may make guest appearances at the Studio now and then!

All Things Pilates Community Corner!

A lot of the Pilates repertoire focuses on hip disassociation – but what is that and why is it important?

Hip disassociation is the ability to move your leg freely in your hip joint, without overuse of the pelvis.

If the hip doesn’t have a full range of movement the body will find other muscles to help take the load.  Very often, it’s muscles supporting the lower spine and pelvis that set to work to support your leg movement.  That can lead to those muscles becoming short and tight (from overuse) which, in turn, leads to lower back and/or hip pain.

How can Pilates help?  Think, for example, about single leg lifts and circles on the mat; or feet in straps on the reformer; or leg spring series on the trapeze table. In many of these movements, you’ll notice your teacher encouraging you to keep your sacrum still.  This will enable the femur head (top of the thigh bone) to move around in the hip joint .  The hip is a ball and socket joint.  So, as you’re doing these movements, think of the femur head as a ball, gently rolling around the hip socket.  You may find that this helps muscles in your lower back (which are so used to taking the load!) release and lengthen.

If you’ve come to Pilates because of back pain – which applies to many of us! – hip disassociation can really help to alleviate that pain.

We’re using feet in straps movements as part of our Side Sit Up series, so if you’d like to give it a goreserve your place in one of our classes!

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Class Timetable: November

Best Wishes,

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