What’s on this week: 18 – 23 December


What’s on this week: 18 – 23 December

How was it for you?
Dear <<First Name>>,

As we draw towards the end of the year, it’s a great time for reflection.

We have been reflecting on the past year, what has gone well in the Studio and areas where we want to do better.  It’s wonderful to have received such positive feedback on the six-weekly Find your Flow® programs.  We feel that it’s much more inclusive for our community, but over the course of 2024, we’ll be looking to see how we can make it even more so.  Subject to demand, we’d like to introduce more Reformer Classes to the timetable.

If there’s a day and time that would work for you on a regular basis, please let us know

We’d love to have your feedback on how we’re doing.  One way of giving feedback and helping to promote what we offer among the wider community is through Google Reviews.  These are particularly important as we approach a New Year when so many more people will be thinking about health and fitness.

If you’d like to leave a review, whether in words, or in a star-rating, you can use the box below – it’s very straightforward and will literally take seconds.

Thanks so much for your support!

We’re also reflecting on what we’ve achieved in our Front Splits Find your Flow® program.  Read more about that in Community Corner below.

Subject to demand, classes will run as normal this week.  In the event that we have no bookings, we will have to close classesso if you’re planning to attend, please book as early as you can.

The Studio will be closed from 25 December 2023 to 1 January 2024.  We’ll re-open on Tuesday 2 January.   Although there’ll be no evening classes that dayeverything else will be back to normal.  Bookings for early January classes are now open.  (Class bookings open 28 days in advance.)

There’s still time to buy a Gift Certificate for that special person in your life!  They’re such an original gift and for many recipients, they have proved to be a first step towards regular Pilates classes – and a healthy spine.  You can buy your gift certificate below.

Have a wonderful week and we look forward to seeing you in the studio or online.

Google Review!

Gift Certificates

At Christmas time many of us are considering health and wellbeing.  So why not consider the gift of a healthy spine!  Our gift certificates can be purchased for any value and can be used in payment for any of our services – whether 1:1 sessionsduet (2:1) sessions or classes.

It’s  great to see a group of friends booking into Reformer Classes together.  It brings a unique energy to the class as everyone cheers each other along.  While working hard, there’s also time for laughter as everyone gets to grips with what can be, at first, rather unusual movements!

If you’re new to the Studio you can take advantage of any of our introductory offers:
2 x 1:1 sessions for only £99;
2 x 2:1 (duet) sessions for £118.50 – that’s less than £30 per person per session
1 x 1:1 and 1 Reformer Class for £60 – that’s cheaper than 2 single reformer classes!

You can buy your Gift Certificate (for any value) below and you’ll get an electronic copy of the certificate.  If you’d like your Gift Certificate in a gift envelope, you can either collect it in the Studio, or we can post the Certificate to you.

Buy your Gift Certificate

All Things Pilates Community Corner!

We have had such wonderful feedback on our Front Splits Program – thank you!.  Some of you have told us that you feel like ballet dancers, while others feel like speed skaters, all set for winter ice rinks.

Some of us found the Program challenging to begin with – particularly the mountain climber.  We’ve included a picture of the ‘after effects’ above!  However, with practicewe found our flow as we gained strength and stamina and our balance improved.  Perhaps you made a note of the springs you started on and how that changed over the course of the program?  Or you may remember how many more repetitions of a movement you could complete in 40 seconds?  Some of us may have moved from ‘hands-on’ during Russian Splits, to hands-free with the help of a pole, to totally hands-free, as our balance and proprioception improved.

We might also have noticed the difference the Front Splits program has made in our day to day activities.  Crucial to staying upright – particularly as we head into icy Winter days- practising Front Splits helps improve our balance and stability.  It also helps improve strength and flexibility – not just in our legs, but in core muscles too.  For many of us, setting and achieving an exercise challenge provides a real boost to our confidence and self-esteem.

During a hectic time of year, when we’re also getting to grips with cold weather and fighting off bugs, many of you have told us how wonderful it is to mobilise your spinefind length and spirals in core muscles, and open your hips into extension, all while working on building strength and flexibility and improving balance.

We always enjoy watching everyone confidently playing with the springsrecognising what your body needs that day.  Sometimes we want to challenge ourselves, while at other times we want to ‘nourish’ after a particularly demanding day.  We don’t always know what our neighbour’s goals are that day, so don’t be put off or led by what the person beside you is doing – you need to do what’s right for your that day too!

We had so much fun sharing this program with you and your feedback is inspiring.  The next program is ready to help us all roll smoothly into 2024.  It really will be all about rolling, with gorgeous spine massages along the way!  Some of you may already have had a taster and we’re excited to share the program with you.

If you’d like to experience Reformer Pilates, you can book your place in our Reformer Plus classes, or join our Reformer Fundamentals class, using the link below.  We’d love to welcome you to the Studio!

Book Now

Class Timetable: December

Best Wishes,

Gemma and the All Things Pilates team

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Stay safe, stay well and enjoy your time at All Things Pilates!

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