What’s on this week: 3 – 8 July


 What’s on this Week: 3 – 8 July
NEW Find Your Flow® Program starts this week!

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The air conditioning in the Studio is now up and running, so, if the temperature returns to last week’s highs we’ll be able to cool down while enjoying our Pilates sessions!

We are coming to the end of our Rowing program.  We can see the benefits of the program in each individual’s movement.  But, it’s so rewarding to hear many of you comment on how much stronger and more mobile you feel at the end of the six week program.  Here’s a snippet from one wonderful review we received on Google recently:

“… my body, particularly my back, has never felt better. The programmes created by Gemma and her team are so unique. You can see a weekly progression and change in your ability and movement. I cannot function without my weekly workout…!”

(Thanks for your great review “N” – we really appreciate it!)  If you’d like to leave a review on Google – or even simply a star ratingwe are always so grateful for your feedback and it really helps our business.  You can leave a review using the QR Code below – thank you!

If you’re not familiar with QR codes, you can leave a review (or star rating) using this link – thank you!

We are recapping on the Rowing Program in Community Corner below – read on for more detail.

Next week, we’ll be segueing into our new Find Your Flow® Program.  We’re calling this one the Down Stretch Program.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll look in more detail at the components and benefits of the Program – we are excited to share it with you!

We’re conscious that we’re beginning to move into peak holiday season and that many of you will be taking well-earned breaks away.  A reminder that five class packages are valid for 6 weeks; and ten class packages are valid for 12 weeks.

Weekly practice is so important to reap the benefits of the Find Your Flow® Program.  If you’re going to be away, why not consider booking two classes the week before you go, or on your return – it will help your body prepare for, or perhaps recover from, your holiday (and ensure that you don’t lose any credits)!

Check out the timetable below to see the range of classes on offer.

We hope you have a great week and we look forward to seeing you in the studio or online soon!

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All Things Pilates Community Corner!

We’re coming to the end of our Rowing Program this week.  It has been such a fun program and we’re delighted that so many of you have noticed how much stronger and more flexible you feel.  It’s testament to your commitment and hard work – well done everyone!

We’ve been mirroring much of the program in our Bone Health and Online classes and it has been great to see the increased mobility, strength and balance in those classes too.

One of the fun, but challenging elements of the Program is the Curtsy!  It has become a firm favourite in all of our classes, so much so that it’s one of the elements that we’ll carry forward into the new Down Stretch Program.  (If any of us come into the presence of Royalty, we’ll be able to perform the most elegant of curtsies!)  It is, of course, an amazing exercise to challenge and improve our balance, using core muscles to keep us upright. In addition, it really works into our glutes and into the muscles in our hamstrings, quadriceps (front of thigh) and depending on which version we’re doing, into muscles surrounding our shins.  In one variation, we work into curled toes (great for toe mobility) while in another version, we lengthen through the front of our foot –  opening the front of our ankle.  So, while it’s great fun to do, we’re also working hard!

We’ve worked on our Bridging to help open our hips and strengthen hamstring muscles.  

In Roll Down Reach – just about everybody’s favourite! – we’ve enjoyed rolling back against the spine corrector (or the Arc).  This really helps open our hips and mobilises our thoracic spine, as well as opening and lengthening muscles surrounding the front of our shoulders, chest and collarbones.  

The star of the Rowing Program is, of course, the Rowing movement itself!  Before working on the rowing elements, we had to be able to find strength, control and dynamic stability through muscles in our core.  We learned (or reminded ourselves) how breath can help us hold – or move – while working into deep core muscles.  With that core strength, we were able to focus on the shoulder movements – and a bit of quite complex choreography! – to help us flow through the movement. 

Rowing helps improve our shoulder mobility and dynamic stability while finding lots of gorgeous rotations in our shoulders and arms.  It’s great for swimmersgolfers and tennis players.  We’ll also feel the benefit as we do our houseworkwork in our gardenscarry shopping, or keep a watchful eye on little ones!

We hope you have enjoyed the Rowing Program as much as we have enjoyed sharing it with you.  We are excited to share the Down Stretch Program with you this week!  Learn more about its benefits in coming weeks.

If you’d like to experience the Down Stretch Program, you can reserve your place below!

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Class Timetable: July

Best Wishes,

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