What’s on this week: 7 – 12 August


 What’s on this Week: 7 – 12 August
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Dear <<First Name>>,

It has been a little quieter this week – August holidays are in full swing.  We’re still loving our Down Stretch program (see Community Corner for more on this movement).  We’ve also been spending some time putting together – and practising – our new Program – more about that in coming weeks!

Jacqueline and Arion have now returned from holiday – fully recharged and restored after wonderful – if sometimes a little wet – breaks!  They are looking forward to seeing everyone – as you prepare for or return from your holidays.

As a reminder, Jacqueline will be teaching Reformer Plus classes on:
Mondays at 12.30pm
Tuesdays at 6pm and 7pm
Fridays at 9am and 10am.
She also teaches a Reformer Fundamentals class on Thursdays at 6.30pm.

Arion will be teaching the Reformer Plus class on Mondays at 10am.

Take a look at our full class timetable and reserve your place below.

To welcome Arion to the Studio, we have a very special offer for 4 lucky clients – read on for more details!

If you’re about to take a break, a reminder that five session packages are valid for 42 days and ten session packages are valid for 84 days. You can cancel and reschedule any of your sessions through a link in your confirmation email or if you need any help managing your sessions please don’t hesitate to email or call.

Weekly practice is so important to reap the benefits of the Find Your Flow® Program.  If you’re going to be away, why not consider booking two classes the week before you go, or on your return – it will help your body prepare for, or perhaps recover from, your holiday (and ensure that you don’t lose any credits)!

We had great feedback on the suggestions for holiday practice in last week’s newsletter – thank you.  If you’d like to maintain your practice while you’re away, take a look at our YouTube channel for some ideas – it’s a great way to keep mobile if you need a break from lying on the beach!

If you’re about to go on your holidays, we wish you safe travels and a wonderfully restorative break.  If you’re not taking a break just yet, we hope you have a wonderful week and we look forward to seeing you in the studio or online!

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Welcome Arion – Special Offer!

As some of you know, Arion joined us in June and brings a wealth of experience.  He qualified as a Physiotherapist in Brazil in 2010, to which he added a comprehensive Pilates qualification in 2015.  He worked extensively in health and care settings in Brazil, prior to moving to England in 2021.  He is now working towards registering his Brazilian physiotherapy qualification in the UK.

Since moving to the UK, Arion has been teaching 1:1 Pilates and Reformer Classes in a variety of settings.  He enjoys bringing a sense of playfulness to Pilates practice, while challenging clients to get the best from their practice.

Arion has some availability for 1:1 sessions on Wednesdays between 8.45am and 3pm.  To welcome Arion to the studio, we have an amazing one-time offer for up to FOUR lucky clients.

The first four clients to take up the offer can enjoy a 30% discount on a FIVE session package of 1:1 Pilates (a saving of nearly £100 on the usual price!)  You must be available between 8.45am and 3pm on Wednesdays (on a first come first served basis).  The package is valid for 42 days.

You can buy your package here using the code: ARION30 to qualify for the discount – but don’t delay, it’s strictly limited to the first four clients who take up the offer.

Once you’ve bought your package, you can book your sessions  – with Arion only – here.

All Things Pilates Community Corner!

We’re into Week Five of our Find Your Flow® Program so we thought we’d take a look at the Down Stretch to see if we can unpack what can be a challenging movement!

There’s a bit of ‘push-me/pull-me’ going on in this exercise – we’ll be using our lower body to send the carriage out and our upper body to pull the carriage back in.

To maintain stability throughout the movement, we need to find extension at the front of our hips (without collapsing into our lower spine).  That’s why we spend time opening our hips (lots of lunges!) at the start of the program.

To perform the movement well, we need to be able to open our collar bones and use our shoulder girdle muscles to keep the arms long and stable.  We want to feel that we are using our shoulders to send the bar away, rather than pushing away from the bar.  That’s why we warm up with Supine Arms and Chest Lift work (see last week’s newsletter).

To bring the carriage back in we need to find length and extension through the front or our body – think of the Swan – again without collapsing into our lower back.  That’s why we spend time finding that length through our Pulling Ropes work – finding extension through our thoracic spine (the mid-spine: base of neck to bottom or ribs).

Depending on how we choose to perform the movement, we’ll either be challenging our toes to find a deep curl, enabling us to push back through our heels; or we’ll be lengthening through the front of our feet and using our shins to find stability.  Either way is really good for the feet and ankles – try it both ways to see what works best for you.

Once we have found the movement, we can add variation with rotations to each side.  As always, we can alter the challenge by increasing or decreasing the load of the springs.  (A lighter spring makes it easier to move out, but harder to bring the carriage back in and vice versa!)

What are the benefits of the Down Stretch?
As with many Pilates movements, the Down Stretch focuses on opening our hips.  This is so important for all of us, to counter the effects of sitting!  If our hips are tight, we tend to pull on our lower back, particularly when walking, leading to back pain.

In Down Stretch we’ll also be strengthening our core muscles – we need a strong core to support our spine and help us stay upright.

We’ll also be finding extension through our thoracic spine.  This is important to help counter the effects of sitting (slouching?) over a lap-top, or using our phones, or even when relaxing reading a book!  By strengthening muscles supporting our thoracic spine we’ll be able to spread the load through the length of our spine, rather than overloading the lumbar (lower) spine.  This will help us stand, move and lift more efficiently and effectively.

It’s a complex move, but great when you find it and start to flow through the movement – and like everything – the more we practice, the easier it becomes!

If you’d like to experience our Down Stretch program, reserve your place below.

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Class Timetable: August

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