Find Your Flow® with Bridging



Every Friday from 4th March to 11th April, we will be working on Bridging.

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The Whys: 

  1. To improve hip mobility and function. Especially hip extension. 
  2. To improve balance between left and right lower limb.
  3. To strengthen and tone the muscles around the hip. 
  4. To open up the front of your shoulders
  5. To massage and mobilise the area between your shoulders.
  6. By building our hip stability and strength, we will provide a stable base of support for our low backs.
  7. Increased hip stability has been linked with better power output in many functional exercises.


Common Restraining Forces In Our Body:

Tightness in our hip flexors.

Stiffness in our spine.

Supporting Forces:

To support this movement we will be modifying our foot position and the range that we use so that we can practice pain free movement. With repetition, you will naturally find that you can progress the movement.


Frame (How will you record the movement? Choose one frame to work on)

Were you on your heels or your toes?

Could you complete the full range of motion? 

Could you complete the full range of motion on single leg?

Could you complete the full range of motion on an unstable surface (eg foam roller)?

How many good quality reps can you achieve or your chosen variation? 


Form  (What’s most important about this movement?)

Head neck and shoulders relaxed.

Achieving your full hip extension.

Feeling as if the whole back of the body is working rather than one specific area.



Setting the scene: Choose your playlist. Layout your mat and join in on a Friday to Find Flow with Bridging.

Warming Up: Lots of hip, spine and shoulder mobility. Core awakening and connecting with our breath as a tool. 

Finding Flow : Week 1-4 : 3 x 10,12,12,10. Supersetted with a rolling variation.

Closing it : Hip / Shoulder stretches.


Record/ Reflect: