Find Your Flow® with The Roll Up/ The Roll Over



Every Wednesday, from 18 May to 22 June, we will be working on The Roll Up and some similar rolling variations.

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The Whys:

  1. It improves spinal flexibility and joint health at each level of our spine
  2. It strengthens our deep core muscles at each level of the spine
  3. It frees up tension in our hips and shoulders
  4. It helps improve our posture
  5. It improves the health of the muscles which help deep breathing


Common Restraining Forces In Our Body:

Tightness in the muscles or soft tissues around the hip or spine.

Supporting Forces:

We will be modifying range of motion and using props such as weights (1-2kg), bands or cushions to help free up this movement.



(How will you record the movement? Choose one frame to work on)

  • The Roll Up…

Did you use weights or a band to come up?

Did you use a cushion to shorten the range of motion?

Did the movement feel smooth on your final set?

  • The Roll Over…

Did you hold onto anything?

Did you feel better with the knees bent or straight?



(What’s most important about this movement?)

Sequential and segmental movement of the spine.



Choose your playlist. Set up your props (weights, band and cushion)

Warming Up : Spine mobility in all directions, core activation.

Finding Flow: Three sets of progressive roll up / roll over variations. Supersetted with the press up.

Closing it : Walk out press up