Find Your Flow® With The Twist

Classes | Pilates


Every Monday from November 15th to December 21st we will be working on the Twist.


The Whys: (Here are our whys, what are your whys?)

  1. Great for all over body mobility.
  2. Improves shoulder stability
  3. Improves our balance.
  4. Helps to rebalance asymmetry in our body.
  5. Builds confidence in bearing weight through our arms.
  6. It’s a fun movement to play around with!


Common Restraining Forces In Our Body:

Shoulder, hip or ankle flexibility and/or stability.

Supporting Forces:

Having cushions near by. Choosing to be on the knees instead of the toes.



(How will you record the movement? Choose one frame to work on)

Were you on your forearm or your wrist for your third set?

Were you on your knees or your feet for your third set?

Were you able to get your head through your arms?

Were you able to keep your toes pointing the side of the mat?

How did it feel?

How many repetitions did you complete on your third set?

Were you able to lift the top leg up for the last set?



(What’s most important about this movement ?)

Getting the hips high and then getting the side of the hip back to the mat. 



Choose your playlist and layout your mat.

Warming Up : Lots of shoulder mobility and spinal/shoulder flows. Core activation.

Finding Flow : Each week we will complete 2-3 sets allowing time to warm up and progress through each variation.

Supersetted with Step Up.

Closing it : Walkout Twist.