Find Your Flow® with The Squat


Written by Ciara Everard


Every Friday, from 20 May to 24 June, we will be working on the Squat

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Our Whys

  • Improve knee stability 
  • Improve ankle mobility 
  • Build strength in the hamstrings, quads, glutes, calf’s and lower back  
  • Improve balance and posture 
  • It is a load bearing exercises, so when repeated regularly, it helps strengthen your bones
  • Improve hip, knee, and ankle alignment 
  • Improves daily life and physical activities – walking upstairs, hill walking, running 


Common challenges 

Ankle mobility, lower back stability, knee stability and hip mobility 


Support available 

Reduce range of motion  or 

Perform against a wall 


Frame (How will you frame this class?) 

Where do you feel the weight in your feet- can you shift it towards your heels? 

What is your knee position like – are they in line with your 2nd toe? 

What is your pelvic position like- did you maintain a neutral spine?

Can you increase your depth? 

How many squats did you complete in the minute? 

Can you reach your arms over your head without compromising your lower back position? 



(What is most important about this movement?)

Pain free as always. Muscle ache/burn is okay, if you experience any pain in your knees or joint pinching, let your teacher know and we can adjust the exercise 


Finding Your Flow

Our warm up will include lots of ankle and hip mobility exercises as well as glute activation exercises to get you ready to find flow with your squat.