Find Your Flow® with The Breastroke



This is a program created by Mia Holm our Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor.

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  1. It helps improve our posture
  2. It improves spinal flexibility and joint health
  3. It strengthens our back muscles
  4. It opens our hips
  5. It opens the front of our shoulders and chest
  6. It works on the distribution of force through our body so that we
  7. don’t over work or neck or lower back.
  8. It will improve overhead mobility.

Common Restraining Forces In Our Body:

Tightness in our hips or shoulders.

Stiffness in our spine.

Supporting Forces:

We will mostly be modifying range of motion to help get the most out of this movement.


Frame (How will you record the movement? Choose one frame to work on)

Where you able to keep your chest lifted and collarbones wide?

Was the distance between your tailbone and the crown of head as long as possible?

Could you feel the work being evenly distribute through the spine?

Where you able to breathe through the movement?

How many reps can you do before having to come down to rest? 


Form (What’s most important about this movement?)

Distribute extension thought out the front and back of the body, to spread the strength work throughout the spine and not increasing tension in the neck and lower back only.



Setting the scene: Choose your playlist. Layout your mat and join in on a Tuesday to Find Flow with The Breaststroke.

Warm-up: Lots of spinal mobility exercises, chest and hip opening movements.

Finding Flow: 2-3 variations and strengthening exercises to build up to the full breast stroke exercise. 


Record/ Reflect