Find Your Flow® With The Step Up



Every Monday from 15 November to 27 December, we will be working on the Step Up.

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  1. It makes your legs feel great through strengthening and toning the muscles around the hip, knee and ankle. 
  2. Improves flexibility around the hip.
  3. It builds our hip stability and strength provides a stable base of support for your low back.
  4. Increased hip stability has been linked with better power output for the shoulder.
  5. It will improve our ability climb stairs or get up and down from the floor with ease or even some flare! 
  6. It improves our ability to lunge for sports like tennis, hockey or crossfit (to name but a few).
  7. It makes a lot of the Reformer lunge stability exercises a lot easier.

Email to let us know your Whys.

Common Restraining Forces In Our Body:

  1. Tightness in the hip, knee or ankle.
  2. Limited experience

Supporting Forces:

We may be holding onto chairs or nearby walls to allow us to get optimal form.

Once you have confidence with the form through your full range, you can hold a weight or object to challenge the movement further. 



(How will you record the movement? Choose one frame to work on)

How much support are you using?

How high is your step?

How many good quality repetitions can you do on your 3rd set?



(What’s most important about this movement?)

Firstly… painfree is essential. Effort and burning in the muscle is absolutely fine but no joint pain allowed. If you are having pain/discomfort in the joint then we will tweak the range, speed or support needed to support good quality movement.


Finding Your Flow 

Sign up to the class and clear your diary every Wednesday from 7am to 8am. What’s your playlist to get you in the zone? Let us know my emailing

Warm Up:

Lots of hip, ankle and knee mobility. Core awakening. 

Flow time:

You will have the opportunity to practice 3 sets to practice each week with active recovery in between each set.

Closing it : Glut stretches.