Motion Training

All Things Pilates are delighted to be able to provide online Pilates classes to the

Motion Training Community.


Class Details

These classes work on whole body mobility and stability exercises but each one has a focus to it.

The next six week focus (starting on 23rd August) will include the following:


  • Monday 7am: Push Up – working on elements that help your push up form.
  • Tuesday 6pm: Side Lift – improving left to right body balance
  • Wednesday 7am and 8am: Squat – working on hip stability
  • Friday 7am: Roll up/Roll over – working movement at each level of your spine.

You can read more about these classes on our blog.



Motion members can claim a free weekly pass to attend any of Gemma’s classes in two short steps:

1) Register your details with

2) Email to let them know that you have registered as a Motion member.

We will then apply your weekly pass to your account.