Find Your Flow® With The Side Lift



Every Wednesday, we will be working on the Side Lift.

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Our Whys: 

  1. Great for shoulder stability
  2. Improves hip stability
  3. Trains the side core and postural muscles
  4. Improves our balance.
  5. Helps to rebalance asymmetry in our body.
  6. Builds confidence in bearing weight through our arms.
  7. When practiced regularly it Strengthens Bones


Common Challenges:

Shoulder, hip or ankle flexibility and/or stability.


Support Available:

Having cushions and a chair near by will help in these sessions so that you can pick the variation that enables you to find the optimal form.



(How will you frame this class? Choose one or two of the following questions to ask yourself each week.)

Were you on your forearm or your wrist for your third set?

Were you on your knees or your feet for your third set?

Did you use a cushion or a chair?

How did it feel?

How many repetitions did you complete on your third set?

Were you able to lift the top leg up for the last set?



(What’s most important about this movement ?)

As always.. pain free. Muscle ache/ burn is ok. Just no joint pinching or pain. If you experience any, let your teacher know.

We will be really focusing on full hip extension like you would have in glute bridging, just sideways!


Finding Your Flow 

Clear Distraction and join one of our online sessions. Maybe choose your playlist to get you in the zone.

Our Warm Up will include: Lots of shoulder mobility and spinal/shoulder flows. Hip mobility and glute activation exercises.

This series will include time to practice three variations of this movement each week with guidance and feedback from your trainer to help you to get the most out of your movement hour.