Susi Finds Her Flow


I recently joined one of Gemma’s classes about Find Your Flow® in Push-Up.  However, a couple of days before the class I became super hesitant.  Push-ups are not my thing!  How was I ever going to work my way through a flow class all about push-ups?

Flow as I know it is all about shaping a class so that one movement flows into the other.  Usually you don’t have time to pause and reflect or think about your body and what it is doing – or what you are trying to get it to do.  The art of flow I would say is more like a dance where one shape of movement morphs into another and yet into another.  Often, there isn’t even time to catch your breath!

So, while I went into the push-up class curious about how it would work, how many push-ups I would be expected to get through and a little anxious about the challenge I was also ready to give it my best go.  Remember push-ups are not my thing!  Let alone flowing push-ups.

But wow – what an incredible hour.  Gemma’s vision of flow is completely different to what I imagine most of us think flow is or should be.  We spent most of the class out of push-up.  Instead the push-up was broken down into the various components or muscle groups that are required and recruited by our bodies when we do find ourselves taking on the push-up.  Each exercise was given at various levels so depending on where our bodies were at that morning, we could work to a level that suited us.  We were encouraged to listen to our bodies, reflect on what we were feeling, what was happening, how we felt during and after an exercise.  And before I knew it, there I was towards the end of the class in push-up – several push ups in fact!  I had found my flow!

Find your flow at All Things Pilates is all about you, your body, and your movement practice.  Although I was in a group class, it felt very individualised.  Because of the way the class is structured, the exercises we did and how movement developed and led up to the push-up, I was struck by how much I had learnt by the end.  About my body, about my movement, about my flow.  Find Your Flow® has helped me to understand my body more and what each movement really takes to perform.  Rather than throwing you in at the deep end, this is a great way to break down your practice and learn more about yourself and your body while you are in practice.

So, I am very much looking forward to finding my flow in Teaser and Swan soon. And hope to see some of you there finding your own flow too.

I’d love to hear how you Find Your Flow®!